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About NUS Astronomical Society

Our Story

Founded in 1997, we are a group of NUS students who are deeply passionate about the night sky. Our aim is to promote astronomy and appreciation of the beauty of the night sky.

What We Do

We hold weekly sessions every Friday from 7.30pm onwards. During these sessions we hold talks organized by speakers from our current Executive Committee, as well as guest speakers from our alumni network. Afterwards, we conduct stargazing sessions where members are guided to use telescopes.

During certain astronomical events, we conduct special sessions for members to observe and appreciate them.

To celebrate special occasions, we hold special events such as Mid-Autumn Festival or Deepawali, where members can come together and celebrate in an astronomy-related setting.

Our Signature Events

We organise two main events: Astrochallenge and Astrobash. Astrochallenge is an annual Astronomy Competition hosted in June, while Astrobash is a biannual overseas stargazing trip. To learn more about our events and sessions, visit our Events page.

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