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Proudly organized by
NUS Astronomical Society and NTU Astronomical Society



AstroChallenge is an annual astronomy competition jointly organised by the Astronomical Societies of National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. The competition is specially tailored for students in Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Polytechnics. Students will be exposed to a comprehensive array of questions that range from theoretical to practical astronomy.

Our Signature Event

Astrochallenge is hosted over the span of a few days and challenges participants in all aspects of Astronomy: from theoretical papers to night sky observation techniques.


The competition consists of multiple rounds, but the main event is split between two sessions: Day 1 and Day 2. The first day consists of the Individual Paper, followed by the Team Round, and finally the Observation Round in the evening. The second day is the Finals, where we crown the new champions of Astrochallenge!

Past Resources

Astrochallenge 2021

AC2021 Invitation Letter

AC2021 Information Letter

AC2021 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2021 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2021 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2021 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2021 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2021 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2021 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2021 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2021 Project Round Infosheet

Admin Documents

Past Year Papers

Astrochallenge 2020

AC2020 Invitation Letter

AC2020 Information Letter

AC2020 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2020 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2020 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2020 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2020 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2020 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2020 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2020 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2020 Project Round Infosheet

Astrochallenge 2019

AC2019 Invitation Letter

AC2019 Information Letter

AC2019 Senior MCQ Paper & Answers

AC2019 Junior MCQ Paper & Answers

AC2019 Senior DRQ Paper & Answers

AC2019 Junior DRQ Paper & Answers

AC2019 Project Round Infosheet

Astrochallenge 2018

AC2018 Invitation Letter

AC2018 Information Letter

AC2018 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2018 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2018 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2018 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2018 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2018 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2018 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2018 Junior DRQ Answers

Astrochallenge 2017

AC2017 Invitation Letter

AC2017 Information Letter

AC2017 Senior MCQ Paper & Answers

AC2017 Junior MCQ Paper & Answers

AC2017 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2017 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2017 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2017 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2017 Project Round Infosheet

Astrochallenge 2016

AC2016 Invitation Letter

AC2016 Information Letter

AC2016 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2016 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2016 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2016 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2016 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2016 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2016 Senior DRQ Answers I

AC2016 Senior DRQ Answers II

AC2016 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2016 Project Round Infosheet

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